Purchase campaign political materials locally

Kentucky Colonels Shop Local

Kentucky Colonels Shop LocalCol. Brandon Combs, the Adjutant to the Secretary-General of the Central & Southern Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels urges political candidates to continue to purchase campaign materials locally instead of using businesses located outside the commonwealth of Kentucky.

“Election year is prime time to increase gross revenue for local T-shirt companies, sign companies, and printing companies,” stated Adjutant Brandon Combs.

“I’m sure local businesses in Kentucky are grateful for the business, and supporting local businesses supports your local economy, something which isn’t true when purchasing from online companies or corporations located outside the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This also keeps local citizens employed, so please continue to call local business proprietors or their general managers, customer service managers, decorators, designers, or print managers.

Remember that every $100.00 spent with a local business, $68.00 is returned to your local community compared to zero when purchasing political materials from companies outside Kentucky.

We pushed this concept in partnership with American Express for Small Business Saturday, however, it should be used every day of the year to patronize our local economic systems instead of economic systems in competing states.”